MGS Marketing cc is a family-owned business dedicated to personal and quality rentals in the Edenvale area and have successfully been renting our properties for the past 20 years.

Cottages & Apartment Rentals with Jax Place Corporate Rentals is ideal for clients busy with house renovations, immigrating, relocating, short term projects or simply starting over we offer short and long term accommodation options.

“Who are the owners of Jax Place & Cottages & Apartment Rentals?”

Two Springboks, 42 different units and a lot of spunk in a family-owned company!

For thirteen years Jax Place operated under the Tourism of South African Grading Award of Four Stars from the first 6 months that they opened up until 2015 when the Guest House converted to Long Term Rentals.

The History of Jax Place…

Two extraordinary individuals decided to team up and start an exceptional and unique guest house. The fact that the one individual, Mike Jennings - who represented South Africa as a Springbok eighth man on the demo tour in the late sixties/early seventies just happens to be the father of another Springbok, Jacqueline Jennings, Junior Bok in 1996/7 and Indoor Netball in 2006/7, is not coincidental.

This family has three generations of Springbok blood running thick in their veins. CB and MJ Jennings were the second father and son combination to represent their country on the rugby field. And now Mike and Jacqueline have decided to team up in business. The Springboks are at it again…

With a business plan in hand, Jacqueline convinced Mike to finance her new venture, a guest house with a difference - Jax Place. What was of critical importance is that this guest house had to be different. The growth of guesthouses all over South Africa was nothing short of phenomenal and Jacqueline knew that to have a competitive advantage in the lucrative Gauteng market, she needed something very diverse, very unique. This was to be something truly remarkable, not another, 'my stay was nice' or 'I had a good stay' to 'thank you very much, I enjoyed the breakfast'.

However, the indisputable uniqueness about Jax Place is without a doubt the beautiful and spacious bathrooms in each room. Her slogan, 'The Bathroom Experience' is a challenge that very, very few competitors are prepared to take on, never mind even trying to match. With stunning body showers, spacious freestanding baths, and a unique type of wooden flooring designed by Mike, the innovativeness of this guest house has left the tourism industry breathless.

What does a businessman or woman really want after a long day of stress and pressure at the workplace? 'Give me a long relaxing shower', or 'a delicious soak in a huge bath' is the cry from the weary and tired, and suddenly the world looks a lot different - and this time definitely for the better.

Sixteen years later, Jax Place is beyond a doubt a guest house that was remarkably different to the rest of the pack and is now moving into its main business stream of how the business started, Short Term Corporate Rentals and Long Term Corporate Rentals under the banner of MGS Marketing cc.

Jacqui and Mike now manage 42 fully furnished and unfurnished units assisting guests who start out in Jo’burg at Jax Place and transfer over to their Cottages & Apartment division, to remain within the company of MGS as their professional service speaks volumes from the record of the long term tenants that currently occupy their units.

Word of mouth is spreading fast and with easy signs from the airport and city to direct guests to Jax Place, this is a wonderful success story that is destined to grow from strength to strength.

Testimonials from current tenants ~

Dear Jax,

I have been renting very happily from your organisation for the last 5 years. I often disappear for days or weeks on end as I am an engineer involved in projects all over the country. During my absences, nothing has disappeared from the apartment, and there have been no disturbances, of any sort, of my possessions. The provision of furnished accommodation at such a competitive cost has always been an eye-opener. The weekly cleaning of my palace and the weekly laundering of my clothes has always been a blessing. The very few complaints that I have had – such as branches breaking off during storms and blocking my driveway, and similar incidents – have always been resolved promptly (even late at night). I am extremely impressed and satisfied with the service received and would recommend your company to any professional person looking for this type of service in this area.

Yours Andre Quinlan Pr Eng Pr CM B.Sc(Eng) B Com

Without hesitation, I write this note of reference, in favor of MGS CC/ JAX Place.

I have lived in an MGS apartment for 6 years, and, initially planned for a period of a year. Being a retired professional, and a widow, I have never stayed on my own. Over the period, I have been treated with respect and the Studio I now stay in is amazing, being secluded and clean. Urgent maintenance is always dealt with within a day or two.

The price of the units include:- Basic DSTV Cleaned in the week All washing The Properties, owned by MGS, are disciplined, quiet, and safe I mention the above specifics, due to the fact that a single person doesn’t have the burden of worry, to make time to organize these issues.

Both Jax Place Guest House and MGS, truly value for money, and you may find apartments a bit cheaper, but once a comparison is made, and the fact you are renting from Good People.


My name is Brenda, I have been leasing an apartment since 2015 from MGS Cottages & Apartments, I am a Senior controller for an Office Automation company. The apartments are secure and neat and the fact that a housekeeper cleans and washes and irons once a week is huge for me as I know that my apartment and goods will be in safe hands.

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